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The Hornsby Range may be operational seven days and six nights each week.

Hornsby District Rifle Range


Walkers and cyclists are advised that the routes of the Great North Walk, Benowie Walking Track and some long-established fire trails that pass through the Range Safety Template of the Hornsby Rifle Range are permanently closed. Diversions have been established to ensure that walkers and cyclists do not enter the Range Safety Template. Walkers and cyclists are strongly advised to heed the posted safety warnings and ensure that they are aware of the potential risks.

It is an offence under Regulation 132 of the Firearms Regulation 2006 to enter a shooting range without permission or lawful purpose. Persons doing so may be prosecuted for trespass.


The Hornsby Rifle Range was reserved in 1858, and was established for training in marksmanship. Prior to Federation all men were required to join the militia, as part of national military preparedness for such emergencies as the Boer War of 1890, the Great War of 1915 to 1918 and World War II.


The Hornsby Rifle Range is on Crown Land and is operated under licence by the North Shore Regional Target Shooting Complex Management Association for use by the Department of Defence, NSW Police, Australian Federal Police, various semi-government organisations, Full Bore and Small-Bore Target Rifle Clubs, Pistol Clubs, NPWS, RSPCA, Training and Security Organisations, schools and scout groups.


The complex consists of three ranges, an 800M Full Bore Range, a 50M Small-Bore Range and a 100M Pistol Range. At the end of each range there are earthen stop-butts and other measures to capture projectiles; and there are noise abatement berms on either side. Beyond the butts is a Range Safety Template (as marked on street directories and other maps) which is surrounded by, but is not part of, the Berowra Valley National Park.


All live firing on the range is undertaken following rigid protocols and under the strictest supervision and NSW Police have no record of any firearms related injuries associated with the range since its inception in the late 19th century.


The Hornsby Range may be operational seven days and six nights each week.

Contact Telephone Number North Shore Regional Target Shooting Complex Management Association Inc.: 0417 201 606


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